• Tips for Communicating with Your Massage Therapist

    If you have an appointment for a massage in Corona , knowing how to communicate with your therapist will help you get the most out of your experience. Watch this video for tips on explaining your therapeutic massage needs to your practitioner.

    When you get a massage treatment, be clear with your therapist about your goals for your session. For instance, if you have a sore lower back, tell your therapist about the kind of pain you’re having so that your massage can be tailored to address those concerns. If your last therapeutic massage was successful—or wasn’t—in addressing your symptoms, discuss that as well. All of the information you can give your massage therapist will help him or her provide the outcome you want from your treatment.

  • Questions to Ask Your Chiropractor

    When you see your chiropractor serving Corona , communication is key to a successful appointment. Your chiropractor needs your input on your care so your treatments can give you the results you want. By asking the right questions, you can make sure you and your chiropractor are working together towards the same treatment goals. At your next appointment, pose these questions.

    What Chiropractic Techniques Do You Use?
    Chiropractic care involves several different techniques. Most chiropractors have experience with many different styles of treatment and will choose the combination of therapies that are best suited to your personal needs. Talk to your Chiropractor Serving Corona chiropractor about your treatment options and which ones he or she anticipates using in your treatment so you know what to expect during your appointments.

    How Do You Perform Chiropractic Manipulation?
    Spinal manipulation is a cornerstone of chiropractic treatment. Some chiropractors use their hands to perform manipulations, while others use an instrument. The approach can impact whether the adjustment you get is deep— in other words, joint-popping—or if it is low-force. How your manipulations are performed can have a big impact on how you feel after your session and your overall results. Some patients are simply more comfortable with one approach than the other. Discuss your concerns with your chiropractor before treatment.

    What Results Should I Expect?
    Talk to your chiropractor about both your short- and long-term expectations. Start by asking about any side effects you should expect immediately after a session. Most patients find treatment to be extremely comfortable, but you may have some minor soreness for a day or two after an adjustment. As for your long-term results, talk to your chiropractor about how many treatments you may need to find relief from your symptoms and whether you may need ongoing care. Be sure to also discuss what kind of results are realistic and if you could benefit from incorporating another type of care, such as acupuncture or therapeutic massage, into your treatment plan.

  • Keeping Your Back Healthy After Chiropractic Care

    If you’re suffering from back pain in Corona , chiropractic care can offer an effective alternative to pain medications. After your initial symptoms are addressed by your chiropractor, there are many steps you can take to maintain your results and prevent future bouts of back pain. After your chiropractic care, keep these tips in mind to protect your back.

    Start by maintaining a healthy weight. Excess weight puts undue pressure on your spine and can lead to wear-and-tear damage. Exercise regularly, particularly focusing on core exercises that strengthen the muscles in your back. Your chiropractor can tell you what kinds of exercises are safe for you to perform. Pay attention to your posture while sitting and standing and make an effort to keep your spine in alignment with your neck in a neutral position. When you lift heavy items, use your legs rather than your back for momentum. Lastly, make regular chiropractic adjustments part of your health regimen. Getting an adjustment every one to three months can keep back problems at bay.

    Back Pain in Corona

  • Spotlight on Success: How to Choose a Chiropractor [INFOGRAPHIC]

    If you’ve living with chronic pain, a chiropractor could help you finally get the relief you desperately need. Chiropractic care is considered an exceedingly safe way to control pain without the need for medications, but the provider you choose can make a big difference in your final results. To choose a chiropractor, start by making sure that the provider you’re considering has the right education and licensing to give care in your state. Next, visit the chiropractic clinic and talk to the doctor. You should be comfortable asking questions about his or her chiropractic adjustment techniques and discussing your symptoms. Get more tips about choosing a chiropractor in this infographic from Rejuvenate Chiropractic Spa . We provide chiropractic care in Corona and can help you address your pain issues. Please help spread the word about how to find quality chiropractic care by sharing this information.

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  • How Does Therapeutic Massage Affect Your Body?

    Therapeutic massage can have a dramatic affect on your overall health and wellbeing, but how exactly does it affect your body? Massage has been shown to improve both physical and emotional health in a number of ways and can be an important part of controlling many conditions without medications or reducing reliance on medications. If you’re booked for a therapeutic massage in Corona , here is a look at some of the ways it may affect your body.

    Reduced Anxiety
    Research has shown that massage can be beneficial to people who experience two types of anxiety: state anxiety

    Therapeutic Massage in Corona

    and trait anxiety . State anxiety occurs in reaction to a specific situation and results in high blood pressure and heart rate. A single therapeutic massage session can lessen the effects of state anxiety. Trait anxiety is a longer term sense of anxiety and is associated with depression and chronic pain. Regular therapeutic massage sessions can address issues with trait anxiety.

    Less Low Back Pain
    Chronic low back pain is a common complaint. In many cases, people with low back pain find themselves reliant on medications that can have serious side effects. Therapeutic massage can provide relief and help people move away from the need for pain medications. Massage is even more effective in treating low back pain when combined with other treatments like acupuncture and chiropractic care.

    Better Sleep
    Therapeutic massage has been helpful to many people suffering from insomnia. Massage may ease insomnia in a few different ways. If your sleep is disturbed by anxiety, regular massage therapy can relieve those symptoms, allowing for easier rest. For insomnia that is associated with chronic pain, massage can help resolve that underlying symptom so that sleep is possible. For many people, massage helps with sleep simply by increasing relaxation and reducing the impact of daily stress that can keep them up at night.