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Diagram of a man having neck and back pain

While back pain can have many causes, a chiropractor near Corona can help to diagnose and treat the cause of your back pain. Chiropractors practice alternative medicine and utilize chiropractic care to provide very effective back pain relief. Keep reading to learn more about back pain and back pain relief.

Common Causes of Back Pain

The back is made up of many muscles, bones, ligaments, and joints. Ligaments and muscles can become sprained, strained, overworked, weakened, torn, or bruised. Joints can degenerate or become inflamed. Bones can become fractured, broken, bruised, or misaligned. All of these issues can result in back pain. A chiropractor near you can determine the cause, or causes, of your back pain, and develop a chiropractic care plan that will address the root of the cause and provide back pain relief.

Chiropractic Care for Back Pain Relief

When you visit a chiropractor, he will first perform a physical examination and take your medical history. He will then run diagnostic tests and procedures to determine the source of your back pain. This may include doing bloodwork, taking X-rays, and performing other types of medical imaging procedures. Your chiropractor will then discuss your diagnosis with you and will customize a chiropractic care plan that fits your symptoms and lifestyle. Some alternative medicine treatments offered by chiropractors in addition to chiropractic adjustments include massage therapy, physical therapy, reflexology, acupuncture therapy, spinal decompression therapy, physiotherapy, nutritional counseling, and lifestyle counseling.

Prevention of Back Pain

Your chiropractor can give you tips and advice about how to prevent further back pain at home. These tips may include maintaining a regular exercise schedule, avoiding prolonged periods of inactivity, maintaining a healthy diet and weight, sleeping on a supportive mattress, maintaining proper posture, and avoiding lifting heavy objects. If you work in an office, you should also ask your chiropractor for tips on creating an ergonomic workspace for yourself.