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Chiropractor massaging a lady patient

Most people have gotten a massage at some point in their life but may not have realized that there are actually two different types of massage therapy: therapeutic massage and relaxation massage. Therapeutic massage is a valuable element of chiropractic care and is performed by chiropractors. Relaxation massage is typically a spa treatment and is performed by massage therapists. If you’re interested in massage in Corona, keep reading to learn more about the key differences between therapeutic and relaxation massage.

How They Differ

Relaxation massages are often offered as part of a spa package, along with other spa services like facials and skincare solutions. These massages may temporarily help with some minor chiropractic issues, such as sore muscles; however, they are generally very expensive and are not an effective element of chiropractic care. The massage therapists who give massages at spas are not doctors, and cannot evaluate your health or provide medical treatment. When you receive a therapeutic massage from a chiropractor, you’re engaging the services of someone who is trained in physical therapy, reflexology, and alternative medicine.

What Therapeutic Massage Can Help With

Therapeutic massage is a key element of chiropractic care and is typically combined with other forms of natural healing treatments or alternative medicine, such as acupuncture therapy, chiropractic adjustments, physiotherapy, and nutritional and lifestyle counseling. Therapeutic massage is often recommended by physicians to treat pain and disorders of the musculoskeletal and nervous systems. These issues can include back pain, headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, TMJ disorder, and tendonitis.

What to Expect When Visiting a Chiropractor

The first time you visit a chiropractor for therapeutic massage, you will complete a health questionnaire that requests detailed information about your symptoms and medical history. The chiropractor will then perform a medical examination and diagnostic tests to determine the cause of your symptoms. You and your chiropractor will discuss your diagnosis, and develop a treatment plan that may include a variety of alternative medicine therapies. If this treatment plan includes therapeutic massage, you will visit your chiropractor regularly for massage therapy treatments.