What Could Be Causing Your Neck Pain?

Chronic neck pain can be caused by various conditions, from aging to injury. If you’re suffering from persistent or acute neck pain, a chiropractor can offer you relief through natural healing methods and alternative medicine in Corona . Here are some of the most common conditions that cause chronic neck pain.

Radiating Neck Pain

A herniated disc in your cervical spine can cause radiating neck pain if the disc is pinching a nerve in the neck. This type of pain is called sciatica. Sciatica causes pain that radiates from the neck down the arm. You may also experience a numbness or tingling sensation in your arms or hands. If you’re suffering from a herniated disc, your chiropractor may recommend spinal decompression therapy. This form of chiropractic care utilizes a motorized traction device to slowly stretch the spine so that your discs shift back into alignment.

Neck Pain Aggravated by Movement

If your neck pain progressed slowly over a long period of time, and is aggravated by movement, it may be caused by a condition called cervical spinal stenosis. Cervical spinal stenosis can occur as you age, and your spinal discs begin to exhibit wear and tear. This disc degeneration may affect a nerve root in the neck, and cause pain. Chiropractors typically use a combination of chiropractic care treatments to relieve this pain. Your chiropractor may recommend physical therapy, acupuncture therapy, therapeutic massage, or physiotherapy.

Persistent or Fluctuating Neck Pain

Some chronic neck pain may persist at a low level of pain for a period of time, and then suddenly fluctuate, or become acute. If you experience fluctuating neck pain that is accompanied by arm pain, you may be suffering from cervical degenerative disc disease. This condition may develop after an injury to the spinal discs, and pain may become worse when the neck, arms, and shoulders move or are used. Your chiropractor can treat this condition with physical therapy, massage therapy, and chiropractic adjustments.

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