How Does Therapeutic Massage Affect Your Body?

Therapeutic massage can have a dramatic affect on your overall health and wellbeing, but how exactly does it affect your body? Massage has been shown to improve both physical and emotional health in a number of ways and can be an important part of controlling many conditions without medications or reducing reliance on medications. If you’re booked for a therapeutic massage in Corona , here is a look at some of the ways it may affect your body.

Reduced Anxiety
Research has shown that massage can be beneficial to people who experience two types of anxiety: state anxiety

Therapeutic Massage in Corona

and trait anxiety . State anxiety occurs in reaction to a specific situation and results in high blood pressure and heart rate. A single therapeutic massage session can lessen the effects of state anxiety. Trait anxiety is a longer term sense of anxiety and is associated with depression and chronic pain. Regular therapeutic massage sessions can address issues with trait anxiety.

Less Low Back Pain
Chronic low back pain is a common complaint. In many cases, people with low back pain find themselves reliant on medications that can have serious side effects. Therapeutic massage can provide relief and help people move away from the need for pain medications. Massage is even more effective in treating low back pain when combined with other treatments like acupuncture and chiropractic care.

Better Sleep
Therapeutic massage has been helpful to many people suffering from insomnia. Massage may ease insomnia in a few different ways. If your sleep is disturbed by anxiety, regular massage therapy can relieve those symptoms, allowing for easier rest. For insomnia that is associated with chronic pain, massage can help resolve that underlying symptom so that sleep is possible. For many people, massage helps with sleep simply by increasing relaxation and reducing the impact of daily stress that can keep them up at night.

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